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Discover New Sounds

When you tune in to the radio in your car or on your home stereo, you usually have a limited choice of radio stations. Anything beyond top 40 music, classic rock, country or R&B usually has terrible reception. Before you know it, another radio station’s commercials are interfering with the old gospel songs you love so much. It wasn’t always this way. Back in the old days, there were thousands of independent radio stations with unique programming and live musical acts that would compete with stations owned by big networks. A lot of those stations no longer exist, and so finding interesting music free on the radio is harder than it has ever been.

Choosing the Right Internet Radio

Listening to online radio should be a good way to get more choices, right? Well, it depends on how you listen. Today’s online marketplace is designed around automatically building an echo chamber for the user, whether it’s the product recommendations you see on your favorite e-commerce site or the suggested movies thrown your way on video streaming services. Most online radio products are no different. Take an Internet radio service like Pandora®. Pandora® lets you select a band or song to start out with, and then uses all kinds of computer algorithms to figure out what your specific musical “taste” is, down to the very combination of sound waves the computer bots think you like. When computers do the thinking for you, the result is more of the same.

Take Control of Your Online Radio

Listen to the Radio Now™ is different. It’s a simple radio aggregator, which is a fancy way of saying it brings together thousands of free radio stations from around the web into one FREE and convenient place. It’s built for people who want to be in control of their streaming radio experience. Simply explore our easy to use radio widget to find thousands of radio stations from the US and around the world. With Radio Rage, you can listen to your favorites, or you can explore sounds and music styles you didn’t even know existed. You can rediscover the world of music without anyone – or anything – prodding you in a specific direction. Listen to the Radio Now™ puts you in control of discovering the music you love.

Explore a World of FREE Radio

Listen to the Radio Now™ is the perfect way to explore radio stations from around the world. We have a whole globe’s worth of radio broken down by region or continent, then by country, then province or state. You can even find radio from Antarctica. Wherever it’s from, we’ve got it on Listen to the Radio Now™!